Snap On Dentures

What Are Snap On Dentures

A snap on denture is a great solution to uncomfortable chewing and slippery painful dentures. There are several types of snap on dentures available, including snap on partials. We make your denture or partial fit and function in harmony with the space available in your mouth, and give custom attention to the delicate fabrication of your snap on denture.

A snap on denture gets some support from the implants that it snaps onto. Unlike conventional dentures that rest on the gums, a snap on denture is anchored to multiple implant snaps and is therefore much more stable and comfortable.

Two or more implant snaps can be used on the upper and/or lower jaw. The more snaps that are placed, the more stable the denture will be. Much like a four legged chair would be more stable than a three or two legged chair, the use of denture snaps keep the denture stable, secure and comfortable. These snaps are designed with different levels of retention, customized to the needs of the patient. When the snaps wear out, replacing them is a simple and inexpensive procedure.

If you already wear a conventional denture, Dr. Ramon Padilla can sometimes use your denture to accommodate the snaps to fit on your new dental implants.

If you are interested in learning more about improving your quality of life with an implant retained snap on denture or partial, please contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Ramon Padilla.